Job Description

Minister of Children, Youth and Activities


POSITION DESCRIPTION:                Minister of Children, Youth and Activities

REPORTS TO:                                     Senior Pastor

STATUS:                                             Full-timed Salaried

HOURS:                                              At least 40 hours per week


General Purpose:  To work closely with the Senior Pastor and Minister of Music, Education and Senior Adults in the performance of their weekly duties. This includes being responsible for developing, planning, administering, coordinating, supervising and evaluating a comprehensive and active Children’s and Youth Ministry for grades 1 – 12. This individual is also responsible for leading the church in planning, conducting and reviewing a comprehensive program of activities and recreation to meet the spiritual needs of Children and Youth.


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Support and assist the Senior Pastor in leadership of the church’s teaching.
  2. Seek to identify the needs of all children through grade 12 within the church family and the community to which the church ministers.
  3. Assess the effectiveness of ministry activities and programs and make revisions as needed.
  4. Ensure all children and youth educational ministries are giving biblical instruction in agreement with the mission and philosophy of First Baptist Church of Iva.
  5. Conduct or facilitate special training projects for children and youth workers in proper relationship to the church training program.
  6. Make timely requests for purchases of required supplies and equipment needed for Children’s and Youth Ministries.
  7. Plan and conduct special projects specifically for grades K-5 and 6-12.
  8. Plan and conduct special projects and training presentations specifically for the parents of children in grades K-5 and 6-12.
  9. Work with organization leaders to coordinate visitation and/or contact with children and youth who are sick, absent, have a family crises or present as prospective members.
  10. Work with program leaders and teachers and appropriate staff members to resolve philosophical, procedural and scheduling problems in grades K-12.
  11. Ensure that all children and youth workers understand and adhere to the Prevention of Child and Youth Abuse Policy and monitor the status of background checks and keep all records up to date for each volunteer.
  12. Ensure provision of needed teaching resource materials for preschool, elementary and youth ministries.
  13. Recommend an annual budget to the finance committee for grades K-12 Christian education programs.
  14. Give full support to the General Operating Budget of First Baptist Church of Iva and avoid soliciting or expending funds not previously authorized.
  15. Be available for counseling for church and non-church members as needs arise.
  16. Assist Nominating Committee in recruiting and enlisting needed workers for all ministry areas.
  17. Utilize the secretarial and facilities staff, which is consistent with their position descriptions.
  18. Submit curriculum and other resources to be used for the training of Sunday School, Wednesday night and Bible Study for all children, to the Minister of Education for final review and approval prior to commitment of purchase.
  19. Provide Wednesday night programming for 6-12 grades which involves approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours. This time is spent in spiritual growth activities such as singing, sharing, creative games and activities. This time includes a devotional message or Bible study.
  20. Work directly with and supervise Nursery Director and other children’s workers who provide care for nursery and pre-school children.
  21. Establish short and long-range goals for the activities ministry.
  22. Direct the planning, coordination, conducting and evaluation of recreation activities in the church.
  1. Work with the church secretary to coordinate and administer activities in the church’s Family Life Center involving children and youth.
  2. Recruit and enlist workers for the church’s activities and recreation program.
  3. Coordinate recreation activities with the calendar and emphases of the church.
  4. Promote activities and recreation for all ages in a balanced program that would unify and correlate the social life of all the organizations.
  5. See that facilities of the church are accessible, invite participation, meet the maximum needs of the membership, and remain in good repair.
  6. Publicize activity programs regularly through church media.
  7. Lead the church to provide equipment and supplies as needed in recreation activities.
  8. Supervise the inventory, care, repair and storage of activities and recreation equipment.
  9. Be responsible for opening, supervising, and closing the Family Life Center at least three (3) evenings per week.
  10. Work with Missions leadership to encourage age appropriate participation in mission activities including, but not limited to, RA’s, GA’s, Mission Friends, Youth, summer camp attendance, Vacation Bible School attendance and other like events.
  11. To be prepared to preach to the congregation upon Senior Pastor’s request.


This position requires:

  1. Seminary training at an approved seminary.
  2.  Email resume to

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